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Welcome to Meet4Less - Swingers

The UK's Fastest Growing 100% FREE adult community site

Explore a world of desire and pleasure, full of real people like you looking to have fun, make new friends, share real sexual experiences, and find new partners to transform the deepest fantasies into an amazing reality.

Whether you are an experienced swinger, erotic voyeur or just curious to the wonderful and exciting world of erotica, Meet4less can transport you on a wild and exhilarating experience helping you find your own utopia.

Designed to look sensual, and specifically tailored for our members needs, Meet4less offers you the most functionally advanced adult community site the internet has to offer, with no communication restrictions and 100% free for life Meet4less members can enjoy full and unrestricted access without any upgrade or additional costs.

Take a few minutes to explore our sites features below or jump on in feet first and sign up for an account today.

Meet4Less Features (Click each feature to read more and watch a quick video)

Join one of the most exciting and innovate adult community sites available, we have strived to bring you an adult community site that has many new and exciting features unlike any other. You can become a full Meet4less member for only £2.99 per month whether you pay monthly or yearly, we do not believe that those who wish to pay monthly should be penalised.

With Meet4less unlike many other adult community sites there are no “upgrades” to your account, a payment of £2.99 a month gives you complete and full access to the UK’s hottest adult casual dating and swinger’s community.

Pay your monthly subscription charges quickly and easily from your mobile telephone without incurring any extra charges for this service. Mobile users on Pay Monthly schemes will see “what company name” appear on your statement.

Pay your monthly subscription charges via Credit Card or Debit Card via our secure connection with one of the world’s largest banks “Barclays”.

Direct dating chat

Meet4less incorporates a Direct Chat feature, allowing you to easily begin a dating chat in real-time with any other Meet4Less members, no matter where you are or what you are doing within the site. Direct Chat offers you the flexibility to communicate with others in real-time without the need to login to our Video Chat Rooms. With simple, messenger like controls - its easy to begin online chat dating within Meet4less UK.

Your Control panel will allow you to customise who can make contact and when they can. If you are online but do not wish to speak to anyone at that particular time then you can quickly turn (DC) direct chat option off, if at any time you change your mind the process is just as quick to turn the direct chat option back on - so that you are available.

Web cam chat dating rooms

Build new friends and participate in open discussions in one of our many live and busy chat dating rooms; each room has been developed for meet4less and offers you a familiar interface and full integration with your profile.

Web cam chat rooms are based on a particular topic (such as swinger chat, non dating chat, etc) and each room has an unlimited capacity enabling you to find other members that have the same desires and urges helping make your experience on Meet4Less an explosive one.

Internal dating email

Meet4less gives each member a secure and private mailbox, enabling them to keep their private contact details and identity hidden until the time is right.

Your mail box lets you save important emails, as well as showing you the whole trail of a conversation - helping you recall a communication that has spanned multiple emails. Our secure online dating email system keeps your own details protected, and is easy to use.

Join the swinger community with friend lists

As you become a valued member of the Meet4Less adult dating and swinger community, you will form friendships with many other users. Your profile includes a friend list, which keep tracks of every friend and lists them quickly - being able to see who is online makes it easy to form some wild relationships.

Meet4Less dating site - reviews

Meet4Less has a simple but effective review system; if you’re a friend of another member, then you can make a positive comment that will be displayed upon their profile page. This system really helps the community grow, and encourages more people to make contact.... Get a few dating reviews, and see your communications on the site explode!

Couple identifier helps swinger dating for married people and couples

Meet4less has been developed for both single users, and couple account holders. To ensure couples enjoy Meet4less to its full potential we have designed an innovative couple identifier, which is unique to our site.

The couple identifier allows couples to login in to the site as either “Together” or “Alone”.

Together: Meet4less acts as normal and all other users will be able to see that both users are surfing together.

Alone: Meet4less changes how it works and everything alters slightly in order to enhance your experience.

1) Emails Read by one member of the couple will be left as “unread” for the other. Each email will be identified as read by the other partner.

2) Other Users will be able to see which member is currently online.

3) Any notes added to Profiles will be marked with either members name depending on the creator

4) Whilst in our Chat Room’s you will be identified as a couple but other members will be able to see which one of your is online. If both partners have logged in separately they will be identified separately.

Plus many more features....

Meet4Less will also allow both partners to login from different computers as “Alone”; this will alter your online status within Meet4less - making this the ultimate dating site for married people and couples as well as single users.

This feature was developed after contacting the swinger community, and asking what features we could add to make online swinging and swinger dating as straightforward and enjoyable as possible.

Independant dating notes

With our Independent Note System you can make your own private dating notes on other Meet4less members, these notes cannot be viewed by any other person other than yourself (or your partner if you have a couple account).

Erotic adult stories

As part of our growing community we encourage our readers to experience the wild, sexual world created by other members in our erotic stories board. Why not add a few adult stories of your own, and see your profile visits soar?. This can be a great way to make new friends, and find people with the same desires and sexual delights. There are free erotic stories for women, men, both gay and straight.

If you have an erotic story to tell, why not sign up and add it?

Erotic adult blogs

Every profile comes with an integrated blog, allowing our users to openly express their feelings, desires and spread the passion of their personal lifestyles in the most voyeuristic and addictive way. Create an erotic adult blog now, and document anything you like - for the world to see.

Blogs are a great way to share and read other members experiences, fantasies and everyday happenings. Whether you are looking for adult blogs, erotic blogs, or day to day blogs - they are all here at Meet4Less.

DONT MISS OUT... its electrifying.

Meet4less is an online adult dating and swinging community that has been developed as a Free For Life social network without any upgrade charges or membership restrictions. Our interest is with our members and to ensure our community grows we will introduce video based advertising that will be placed discreetly throughout the site in order to generate revenue to reinvest in this fantastic online community.

Meet4less has been developed from the ground up and every aspect of our site has been developed to ensure your experience is as good as possible, with huge investments in the latest server hardware as well as the deployment of our technology in one of the best datacentres in London, we are sure your experience will be lightning fast.

We will at all times be working to keep up the high standards of our fast delivery to ensure that all our members have an enjoyable and problem free experience on the most exciting online adult dating and swinging community that is available.

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Each profile has a fully integrated News Feed, automatically posting updates to your wall as well keeping your friends up to date on your profile.

For example if you have uploaded new pictures to your profile or made a change to your status this information will automatically be sent to your own News Feed as well as your friends global wall. The information passed never contains conversations, emails, searches or any other private information simply information such as picture, blog and story updates as well as comments made on other peoples walls.

Erotic adult forums

Meet4less has fully tailored adult forums with a large variety of topics created by you, and for you. Our adult forums are an ideal place to build a strong community and network within Meet4less, helping to heighten your experience on the most up to date and innovative adult dating and swinging site.

Take a look at our: adult forum, discussing all things adult. Explore the swinger / swinging forum, discussing real life exploits of swingers - or our online dating forum. New forums are created daily by members, so sign up and take part in the Meet4Less forum community.

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The Control Panel is a brilliant feature that has been designed to give you full control of your profile from basic features such as your online availability through to the quick generation of private gallery codes.

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Each profile records and logs other members that have visited your own profile, with a single click you can view their profiles and start interacting with new friends.

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The block list enables you to block any member of Meet4less that you do not wish to have contact with or be able to view your profile and other features connected to it. You can at anytime reverse the process and allow any member that is on your block list. You’re in control :)

Online dating admirers list

Your admirers list shows all members of Meet4less that have marked you as a favourite member; you cannot control this list it is simply there to show you which members are interested in your profile.

Your Favourite list shows all of the members that you have marked as a favourite profile, each member added to your Favourite lists will be marked as an admirer on their own profile pages.

Online dating winks are a great way to break the ice!

Designed to make your life easier, our wink system allows you to simply send a wink through to another member in order to hopefully grab their attention. This is a great feature although we do advise you to use it with caution as it can also annoy people quickly, sometimes a well constructed and personnel email can work better.

Comment on another dating site member

As a community we encourage our members to build friends helping to make the online experience more rewarding; one feature that helps break the ice is the ability to post comments on other users Blogs, Stories or even pictures. Spend time exploring this feature and enjoy the rewards :)